The traveling „International exhibition of political cartoons“ is an international project presenting the most important and most respected cartoonists in the Visegrad countries, the U.S. and Germany.

Daryl Cagle (USA), Pavel Reisenauer (CR), Martin "Shooty" Šútovec (SR), Andrzej Mleczko (PL) and Csaba Varga (HU) are presenting their critical view on politics and society. In 2020 the exhibition will visit 4 capital cities in Central Europe and Germany's capital Berlin. After the exhibition in Bratislava, the visitors can see the works of renowned political castoonists in Warsaw, Berlin, Prague and Budapest.

"One of our greatest freedoms is to crack jokes at our government’s expense. . . . When we’re afraid to be funny about our political opponents, there won’t be any politics left, just dictators." - Bob Hope, 1955

This sentiment speaks to the fundamental importance of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press in a democratic society.

The International exhibition of political cartoons is intended to expose diverse central European publics to one of the United States' most provocative and prolific cartoonists, Daryl Cagle, who employs satire at the expense of politicians from across the political spectrum. We are delighted to pair his work with that of premier cartoonists in Czech Repuplic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Resienauer, Šútovec, Mleczko and Varga are also using their art to encourage their audience to think critically about the political decisions of the day and inject humor into daily political life.

We hope that upon viewing this exhibit, the public will appreciate that the satire and scrutiny employed by journalists and cartoonists serve to inform and entertain the general public, and keep leaders accountable. This service is essential to any democracy.

The project „International exhibition of political cartoons 20:20“ is supported by the IVF (International Visegrad Fund) 


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic the original dates were postponed, please check in later for the update.

Exhibition No. 1

Hviezdoslav Square, Bratislava

Exhibition No. 2

Prague, Czech republic

Exhibition No. 3

Budapest, Hungary

Exhibition No. 4

Warsaw, Poland

Exhibition No. 5

Berlin, Germany



Klaus Stuttmann (DE)

15.05.2020 00:00
Stuttmann is one of Germany's most renowned editorial cartoonists.

Csaba Varga (HU)

28.07.2016 00:00
Csaba Varga is one of Hungary's most renowned editorial cartoonists.

Andrzej Mleczko (PL)

28.07.2016 00:00
The most respected Polish cartoonist Andrzej Mleczko has created more than 15,000 illustrations in  his lifetime.

Martin Šútovec (SK)

28.07.2016 00:00
Martin Šútovec is a premier Slovak cartoonist.

Pavel Reisenauer (CZ)

28.07.2016 00:00
Pavel Reisenauer is considered as one of the most original illustrators in the Czech Republic.

Daryl Cagle (US)

28.07.2016 00:00
Daryl Cagle is one of the most renowned editorial cartoonist in the U.S..


New edition out soon!

New edition out soon!

New edition of the International Exhibition of...
The exhibition in Budapest was opened

The exhibition in Budapest was opened

The exhibition in Budapest was opened on the...
Exhibition in Prague was opened

Exhibition in Prague was opened

Exhibition in Prague was opened on the 27th...
Exhibition in Warsaw was opened!

Exhibition in Warsaw was opened!

Exhibition in Warsaw was opened on the 14th...
Exhibition in Bratislava opened!

Exhibition in Bratislava opened!

The exhibition in Bratislava was opened as...